Seoul, South Korea

Two years ago I went to Seoul expecting it to just be another mark on the map for me to talk about and check off “i’ve been there” I never imagined that I would be building a brand based on this magical place. This is my one word description of the city/country/people of South Korea. Magical. I mean have you checked out their writing?

Through the jacket & teflon business I have met some remarkable people. I have been back to Seoul six times since and my impression has not been skewed. I have never had anyone even look at me weird there. JoJo my business partner in Atom Willis came along for one trip, he is just as mesmerized.....

Seoul is the worlds second largest metropolitan area with a population of twenty five million. It has the excitement and feel of NYC and is actually twice as concentrated if you are looking at the #’s There is a reason why Seoul held the ’88 summer games and South Korea will host the the 2018 winter games. I am proud to be associated with the people of this land.

I cant help but get inspiration from this culture. From the lensless hipster eyeglasses to the color they put on just about everything, especially the booty shorts & neon lights.

Thank You Seoul,

Adam Mattingly